AzerTelecom is a leading wholesale telecommunications operator in Azerbaijan and one of the largest telecom companies in the South Caucasus. Founded in 2008, the company connects Azerbaijan to the global Internet network and provides advanced services to companies operating in the telecommunications sector. AzerTelecom is part of NEQSOL Holding, an international group of companies operating across industries and countries.
Is a network solutions provider company in Georgia that was founded in 2014. The company offers services in areas such as: internet, IT support, telephone, hosting, web development. It’s a leader company in regions of South Caucasus and Eastern Europe. GreeNet has enjoyed multiple years of partnership with companies such as: Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, HP, Apple, Symantec, Microsoft, Zyxel. GreeNet’s goal is to promote business development through implementation of latest Information Technologies.
Is a dynamically developing high-tech company with a goal to pave way to the digital world for its users. On March 15, 2007 first mobile call from Beeline was made. Nowadays Beeline provides 2G GSM 900/1800MHz, 3G 2100 MHz(B3) , 4G/LTE 800 MHz (B20) wireless services. Beeline is a part of Veon company group, which is leading international provider of telecommunication services in 14 countries. The company provides voice and data transfer services through a range of traditional and broadband mobile and fixed technologies.
was founded in year 2002. The company achieved significant success right in the first year and soon became a large supplier of computer hardware and software packages. Since 2004, the company has expanded its area of activity with the realization of a unique project and has become one of the important players in internet service. Nowadays, Delta-Comm is one of the main technical equipment suppliers for IBM and Cisco Systems.
Appeared on telecommunications market in 2009. It was the first company to offer users high-speed internet, IP TV and digital phones with high-tech optical fiber network across Armenia. Considering global trends of telecommunications market, the company received license for providing mobile internet public services in 2013. In 2015, the company bought 100% share of "Orange Armenia" and established itself as a good reputable partner in Armenia.
Is a company that has been major system integrator for the region in the area of information and communication technologies for past 20 years. Today, there are 300 leading companies on UGT’s client list. The system integrator's mission is to assist clients in achieving their goals by delivering information and communication solutions based on modern technologies, products and services. Since its founding in 1996, UGT has managed to become a partner and provider of more than 25 of the world’s largest IT companies. It is the first system integrator with ISO 9001-2000 certificate in Caucasus Region.
Is a mobile communications operator from Georgia, founded in 1996. In september, 1997 first commercial call from Magticom network was made; in 2001 first GPRS call was made; in 2006 launching 3G services became possible: video call, mobile TV, high-speed internet. This is an operator that not only provides full telecommunication services, but also offers its users services of every existing technology in the world: mobile and cable internet; satellite and IPTV television; radio and cable telephone; 2G, 3G and 4G networks for mobile phones.
TE Connectivity
Is an international American corportation that has held leading positions in the field of communication systems’ development and maintenance for more than 50 years. The company produces over 500,000 products for companies engaged in areas such as car manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, medicine, household appliances, aviation and astronautics. TE Connectivity is presented in 50 countries around the world and unites 90 000 employees.
Is a transnational American company that produces technical equipment for internet network and has been in service of large corporate clients operating in the field of telecommunications since 1984. Cisco is one of the largest in the world among companies specializing in the field of high technologies. Routing, IP telephones, network security systems, servers, Wi-Fi devices – all of this is an incomplete list of services Cisco provides.
Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Is one of the largest American companies in the field of Information Technologies. It has been providing equipment for both organizations and private segment since 1939. HP is one of the leading companies in the field of computer systems and network infrastructure integration. Since 2015 the company has been divided into two parts: HP Inc (IT Company) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which provides necessary infrastructure for servers, data systems, and network architectures.

Telia Sonera is Telecommunication Company established 1853,it is one of the biggest companies among creators of mobile and GSM communication, Currently it operates in countries such as: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Nepal, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. Company has about 190.6 million subscribers and over 25.700 staff employed all over the world. Telia Sonera is the main internet provider for Caucasus Online.


Level 3 is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world. Level 3 head office is located Brumfield, Colorado. Company operates in USA and Europe. Company owns one of the largest networks of data transmission channels, with 75 thousand km total length all over the world. World’s largest telecommunication companies use services of Level 3, including 10 of Europe and 10 US largest companies. Infrastructure of this company is available to almost 90% of US population through small providers. Level 3 is one of the main internet provider for Caucasus Online. 


New Telco is a company that was established in 2005, it operates on global scale, New Telco provides collocation service around the world with highest level of technical support. Caucasus Online uses New Telco’s collocation service in Frankfurt.


Equinix is the company that holds, high-tech data centers around the world including Usa, Europe, Near East, Africa and Asia, it offers high degree of reliability and protection. These data centers provide interconnection services to the world’s largest networks and providers. Equinix data Centers connects service providers and financial organizations. Caucasus Online uses Equinix collocation services. 


Sofia Connect is a telecommunication provider which operates in the countries of the Central and Western Europe suck as Balkan, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Sofia Connect provides various types of services including data exchange, access to internet, collocation and hosting. Sofia Connect provides Caucasus Online with telecommunication services on the territory of Bulgaria.


Telepoint Collocation is a data center located at the point where Bulgarian and other international networks cross, in the center of Sofia. Company offers clients 24/7 technical assistance and permanent monitoring. Caucasus Online uses Telepoint’s collocation services in Sofia.


Neterra is Bulgarian company providing telecommunication services in Southeastern Europe. Company covers all large cities in Bulgaria. Neterra is one of the first partners of Caucasus Online in Bulgaria, after installing fiber optic cable across the black sea and provides internet services to it.

TE SubCom

TE SubCom is a leading company in underwater optic-networks industry. Subcom was the first company which has installed the transatlantic telephone cable in 1956 and first transatlantic fiber optic system in 1988. In 2008, Tyco Electronics has performed the works of laying cable on the bottom of Black Sea and since then monitors its proper functioning.


Delta Telecom is a leading company in Caucasus Region since 2000. That successfully operates in telecommunications and IT industry. The company is an official distributor in Caucasus Region of international Satellite operator EUTELSAT, it serves more than 78% of internet providers in Caucasus Region and all internet providers in Azerbaijan.


IU Networks is leading telecommunication company starting from 2008, it provides market with technical and software support. IU Networks covers B2C as well as B2B sectors.